Reddit's mobile website is pretty well made, fast, and responsive — if it wasn't for the pesky "See this post in ... Reddit App" popup that slides up from the bottom every time you open a Reddit link someone sent you. But it turns out there's a way to get rid of it, and it was hidden right under our noses the whole time.

To disable the prompt, just visit the mobile Reddit website like you usually would, and then tap the three-lines menu in the top right corner and select Settings. In there, you can turn on the night mode, but most importantly, you can uncheck a box labeled "Ask to Open in App." Do that, and in the future, you'll no longer run into the pesky app popup. As a bonus, you might notice that the "Use App" advert in the top bar also disappears from the website afterwards.

There are a few limitations, though. Even if you're logged in to your Reddit account, the state of the checkmark isn't automatically synced across all other browsers you use on your devices. It's only stored locally in a cookie, so as soon as you clear your browsing data, you'll have to tick the checkmark again. The trick also doesn't work at all for Reddit AMP pages that typically appear in Google search results or the Google Discover feed, unfortunately.

Left: Popup upon page load. Middle: Deactivating the checkbox. Right: No more popup!

If you're a die-hard Reddit user, you probably already know about this trick (there are reports on it from a few years ago), but for regulars like me, discovering this checkmark is a godsend, and we hope this trick helps a few of you out. It's actually fascinating that Reddit has added an option to turn off the prompt in the first place. It shows that while it wants as many people as possible using its app (50+ million at the moment), it's still willing to give those of us who really don't want it a chance to browse the mobile site in peace.


Updated to reflect that the state of the "Ask to Open in App" checkmark is saved to your browser as a cookie, not to your account, so you have to manually enable it when you switch browsers or phones, or when you clear your browsing data. The trick also doesn't work for Reddit AMP pages. Thanks: Everyone who brought this to our attention!