Twitter is keen on reducing its dependence on advertisements as the primary source of revenue. In a bid to achieve that, the social media company is thinking of new income streams. According to a report by Bloomberg, one such avenue is a subscription service.

Codenamed Rogue One, the subscription has already been spotted in the app code by a developer on Twitter. Bruce Falck, the company's head of revenue products, confirmed in a statement given to Bloomberg that the company "may include" it in its plan of improving the revenue mix. There's no word on what it will offer (if it does), but an ad-free experience is the first thing we would expect.

Paid subscriptions aren't the only option, though. Another idea that's floating around is putting Tweetdeck behind a paywall. If you're not aware of it, it is an alternative web client that shows multiple Twitter feeds at once. It hasn't been monetized yet, but it's also not as actively maintained. This may be changing, though, as Twitter's product lead recently tweeted that it was going through an "exciting overhaul."

Additional ideas include tipping, paying for "undo send," and profile customization options.

It's best not to expect these changes to crop up anytime soon, though. Bruce added to his subscription statement that they "do not expect any meaningful revenue attributable to these opportunities in 2021."

If anyone from Twitter is reading this, *cough* editable tweets *cough.*

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