Google Photos is one of the most popular photo backup services out there. While free unlimited backup (ending soon) is probably the strongest pull, features like search and automatic albums definitely give it an edge over the others. Memories is another such blessing and it's found even more importance after last year's revamp that saw it being placed at the top of the app. The feature recently started focusing on your favorite people and things, and is now getting a new children-themed story titled "Out to play."

The story is a collection of moments of kids playing out in the sun, as seen in the images below. It's a hearty remembrance of times when COVID-19 didn't restrict youngsters to stay and play within four walls.

Memories offers a personalized curation of moments that you've stored on the service. In the past, it's shown stories of people and the year in review. But given the theme of this story, you may not see it pop in your Google Photos app unless you have kids. If you've taken enough snapshots of them having fun on the playground, expect the app to serve you a memory that'll give you warm fuzzies.

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Google Photos
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