At the end of its long-drawn-out retirement, Google finally shuttered Play Music in December, passing the baton on to YouTube Music. There's still some time to transfer your music library to the new service, but the deadline is fast approaching. You only have a couple of weeks before all your Play Music data goes away for good.

Google has been sending out courteous emails to its Play Music users over the past day or two reminding them to move their library before February 24. After this date, there won’t be any way to recover your lost data, according to the correspondence. And if you fiddled with your GPM library after backing it up to YouTube Music, now is the time to sync those changes.

Those who also want to download their associated data in GPM can do so using Google Takeout, but that too will work only until February 24. You can head to our detailed guide in case you need any help transferring your library over, and we also consider some alternatives if you aren’t fully convinced by what YouTube Music has to offer.

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