The official IMDb app is picking up a new design in its latest v8.3 update that switches to the now popular bottom navigation bar. Content in the app otherwise looks about the same, but finding the things you need more quickly should be a little bit easier.

Left: Old UI in v8.2. Right: New UI in v8.3.

Although the content in some pages is consistent between versions, the new navigation mode is immediately visible and makes it easier to find each section of the app. Accessing things like your watch list is just a single tap away now in the "You" tab, which is a bit easier to find than tapping your Avatar in the top right under the old system.

Streaming content in the IMDb app (yes, that's a thing) is also all in one place now in the Videos tab, and there's a dedicated search tab loaded with recommendations that replaces the previous search button.

We aren't entirely sure, but we think v8.3 right now could be a beta release in a limited rollout as part of the app's currently full testing program. IMDb fans can look forward to the new interface landing when v8.3 rolls out more widely.