Samsung has been updating a lot of its apps recently, adding plenty of new features and further refining the software experience it offers. The latest such update is for the One UI Clock app, which has picked up a new bedtime mode that helps keep track of your sleep patterns and integrates with Digital Wellbeing.

There's an option to "Set bedtime" in the overflow menu in the Clock app's alarm screen. As you set it up, you'll need to tell the app when you usually go to sleep and when you plan to wake up. There's a handy counter that tells you how many hours of sleep that will get you, as well.

Now you can have the app remind you to go to bed at a set time before your scheduled bedtime. This can be synchronized with bedtime mode in the Digital Wellbeing app, muting all distractions and changing the screen to grayscale. Next, you'll set the wake-up alarm.

If you use SmartThings, your alarm can integrate with your lights and TV, helping you wake up by playing music or gradually making the room brighter. This should lead to a more relaxed rousing than having an alarm blare right next to your head.

Once everything is set, you'll see the new alarm on the app's main screen. Underneath, there's a "Sleep details" button that will open S Health's sleep tracker. If you use a Galaxy Watch to track your sleeping, as I do, this should prove incredibly useful.

The new release should be rolling out now through the Galaxy Store, and as always, we have you covered at APK Mirror.