Flexible screens are probably among the most delicate pieces of tech out in the real world, and Huawei’s decision to put one on the outside of its first foldable was surely a risky venture. With the follow-up Mate X2, the company will allegedly make an about-face and settle on an inward folding design, and the resulting device looks a lot like the Galaxy Z Fold2 in these leaked renders.

The Mate X2 may opt for a two-screen form factor, with a smaller screen on the outside accompanying the main foldable panel on the interior. This arrangement is essentially the reason for its striking resemblance to Samsung's foldable flagship. The inner display lacks a camera, probably for the coveted full-screen experience. However, that also means you’ll be restricted to that narrow outer screen, which has a hole-punch for two cameras, for things like video calls.

We don’t know what the phone’s back might look like, nor do we have any details on its hardware specifications at the moment. Come February 22, we should finally start getting some answers as Huawei officially unveils the Mate X2 in China.