Hopefully you won't be hosting a Super Bowl party this year, but if you want an absolutely gigantic TV to watch it on anyway, Best Buy's got a deal for you. Today, you can nab an 85-inch Hisense Android TV for $1,000, $400 off its normal street price.

The mondo screen is 4K and HDR-compatible, including the Dolby Vision standard, and built in Android TV means you don't need any boxes or dongles to stream from your content provider of choice.

Best Buy calls this $700 off, but this particular set is regularly available for $1,399.99 if you know where to look. Still, $400 off ain't bad. You've also got 15 days to return it — you know, in case you change your mind.

You won't be able to get the TV shipped in time for The Big Game™, which is this Sunday. But in-store availability seems pretty widespread, and you can pick it up within an hour of purchase (assuming you have a large enough vehicle). Hit the link below to check it out.