You know that thing where Instagram users share their posts in their stories and bore you to death with them? Well, this might be limited in the future. The social media platform is working on preventing users from promoting their new posts all over the place.

Don't rejoice too quickly, though: Instagram is currently testing this limitation in select markets. The idea is to prevent users from sharing a feed post to their stories, as the Instagram community apparently wants to see fewer posts in stories. The company has started communicating about this, as some people started seeing the below banner explaining the test and the posting restrictions.

Interestingly, the limitation applies to any feed post, not just yours, which means you won't be able to reshare someone else's picture in your story. That being said, this is just a test that's not widely rolled out, which will give Instagram the opportunity to adjust its plans in case it decides to globally prevent people from sharing feed posts to their stories.