Changing the profile picture associated with your Google Account has never been difficult, but it's even easier to do now. A change to the latest version of the Google Contacts makes the process a two-tap affair, accessible quickly and easily from right inside the app.

Tap your profile picture in Google Contacts, tap it again with the camera icon, and you're taken right to the Google Account setting for it.

The new feature is simple. In the latest version of the Google Contacts app (v3.38), tap your profile picture to access the account switcher. There, you should see a new camera icon on top of your profile picture for the current account. Tap that, and you'll be taken directly to the Google Account page to change your profile photo, or even just remove it entirely.

I suspect this change will also be rolling out other Google apps. Sometime since last summer, Google's documentation for changing the Gmail profile picture has changed to reference this same process, though the feature isn't actually present in that app yet.

The change was first spotted by our friends at XDA Developers and has been in testing as far back as Google Contacts v3.31 and September of last year. But we can verify it appears to be widely available in the latest version. The update should be rolling out now over on the Play Store, but you can pull it down early over at our sister site APK Mirror.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free