The Galaxy S21 series is starting to arrive at the doorsteps of those who ordered or pre-ordered, but in Europe, some new owners are experiencing strange bugs. There are reports of phones not receiving OTA updates and issues with Samsung Pay. The problems seem to be particularly widespread in the UK and Italy, and they appear to be related to some phones being set up with the wrong CSC (Country Specific Code).

Samsung's CSCs are responsible for applying the right geo-specific localizations and configurations such as system language, carrier access points, and carrier branding. Some British and Italian units erroneously received the generic CSC for Europe instead of the one specific to their country. It's unclear why these phones pulled the wrong CSC when they first set it up, but it's speculated that it may be related to people not inserting a SIM card during setup. Since that usually isn't an issue at all, we assume that it's happening because of some issue on Samsung's end.

Italian publication HDBlog reports that Samsung managed to distribute a software fix with the right CSC, and a UK user affected by the problem also shares that he received an update correcting his phone's CSC. If you're currently still affected by the issues, be sure to check your system settings for a new firmware version and try restarting your S21 to trigger a carrier services update. If that doesn't help, you can also try a somewhat convoluted solution posted by a Samsung Community member.

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