Google’s market domination has drawn the company a lot of attention — and even more lawsuits. It has come under the microscope of several government agencies for exploiting its monopolistic position on so many occasions that we’ve frankly lost count. In the latest turn of events, Google is paying up $3.8 million in response to accusations of hiring and pay bias against female and Asian employees.

The US Department of Labor noted that between 2014 and 2017, Google underpaid 2,783 female engineers. The company's accused of bias against about 3,000 women and Asian candidates when hiring for engineering positions during the same period. This misconduct came to light during a routine audit performed as part of Google's role in fulfilling government contracts.

Google has agreed to settle these charges by earmarking about $2.6 million as back pay and interest for some 5,500 employees and job-seekers it wronged. An additional sum of $1.25 million will go towards adjusting the future pay of many of these employees.

While Google maintains that it does internal evaluations annually to pinpoint any such discrepancies, it has agreed to further review its hiring and compensation practices as part of this settlement.