Have you ever joined a video call, then realized your camera wasn't plugged in or your microphone was muted? Maybe you've had to try a few "how do I sound?" prompts before figuring out which audio input is the right one. Those are all problems that Google wants to put in the past, as the company is now rolling out a feature for testing your setup before you talk to others.

A new 'Check your audio and video' button is being added to the landing page for Google Meet links. "With this new feature," the company wrote, "you can enter meetings confident that your technology is working and that you’ll appear the way you want [to] others." You can see a quick preview of your settings, and even record a short video clip, which is especially useful for checking if you're on the right microphone.

Unfortunately, it seems like the new functionality is limited to Meet on the web, as the blog post didn't mention the Android or iOS apps. Google says the button should be rolled out to everyone within the next 15 days.