Madden and FIFA were the two hotly anticipated releases for Stadia this year, thanks to Electronic Arts announced that both games would come to the platform back in April of 2020. Madden arrived last week, and today EA has confirmed that FIFA 21 will come to Stadia on March 17. This news comes hot off the heels of yesterday's announcement from Google that it's shutting down its internal development studios, so the fact we've learned today that FIFA is indeed coming soon feels a little bittersweet.

While we've known that FIFA would eventually make its way to Stadia, up until today, we had no idea when it would arrive. Now that an actual release date has been announced, all that's left to do is wait for the release on March 17th. While EA has yet to reveal pricing for the Stadia version, it's probably a safe bet to expect the game to launch at $59.99 on the Stadia store. Much like Madden, cross-play will not be supported, so fans will be limited by the number of online players in the Stadia version.

So there it is. FIFA 21 is coming soon, which should easily excite soccer/football fans that prefer to game on Stadia. Still, the lack of cross-play will hold the title's online multiplayer content back since Stadia has such a small userbase, so this is something worth considering before plunking down your cold hard cash on release day.