Chromebooks come with perks, and owners have already been able to get their hands on an extended free YouTube Premium test run, Google One storage, and even GeForce Now Pro. The latest offer to join the list is Tayasui Sketches Pro, a popular Android drawing app. The Pro in-app purchase normally costs $6.49, but Chromebook owners can get it for free for a limited time.

Tayasui Sketches comes with a wide array of brushes and tools allowing for a variety of drawing styles, and it supports the Wacom Stylus. So if your Chromebook doesn't come with a pen, you'll probably need to get one to take full advantage o the Pro version. The interface is customizable and can easily be tailored to your needs. The free Pro tier gives you access to unlimited layers, more tips for each tool, wet watercolor, gradients and patterns, color palettes, and more.

The offer is valid for a whole year (until February 2, 2022) or while supply lasts. If you're interested, you should still act quickly — we don't know how many vouchers Google offers. You can redeem the code on the Chromebook Perks website or in your Chromebook's pre-installed Explore app under Perks.

Tayasui Sketches
Tayasui Sketches
Developer: Tayasui
Price: Free+