The Pixel 5 and LG Wing don't have too much in common — outside maybe the fact that neither will sell very well — but both phones are going to get a 5G-related upgrade. FCC documents indicate that both Google and LG have been granted permission for the phones to access the new 5G Band n77 freed up as part of the C-band auction. With nothing more than a software update, both devices can connect to the new 5G frequency once US carriers start using it.

We spotted the change in FCC filings last week, and today PCMag's Sasha Segan confirms that the FCC has granted its blessing, allowing both the Pixel 5 and LG Wing to remotely enable the functionality at their convenience. Apparently, support for Band n77 doesn't require any hardware changes on top of what the two phones ship with, just a software update.

Slightly curiously, the Pixel 4a 5G doesn't appear to have been included in the fun, even though it shares many of its specs with the more expensive Pixel 5. It could be some difference in the physical design accounts for that, or the related documents may simply not be published yet — the ones we have for the Pixel 5 and Wing were held back for a few weeks prior to publication.

While we still don't know exactly who "won" with the recent C-band auction, indications are Verizon is somewhere near the top. We'll find out for sure in March. There's also no word yet on when Band n77 support will roll out to the devices. (We've reached out to Google for more information, but it's probably too early to say.) Whichever carriers end up using it, Pixel 5 owners can still rest easy knowing their phone will get access to the new 5G frequency, no hardware upgrade required.