Ford and Google have agreed to place Android into the automaker's vehicles starting in 2023. The partnership will also establish Google Cloud as Ford's preferred cloud service provider and establish a co-operative skunkworks team to improve consumer technology in vehicles.

The Android deal applies to Ford- and Lincoln-brand automobiles "at all price points" for 6 years. All the default apps including Google Maps, Google Play for media, and Google Assistant are highlighted here and over-the-air updates are promised. The move would displace Ford's own Sync software and preclude the need for Android Auto.

We test drove the Polestar 2 which was the first to feature Android as its core infotainment OS. You can see our thoughts on that here.

At the same time, the new collaborative group, dubbed Team Upshift, will be working on enriching the retail and ownership experience — including changes as to how offers are formed and — based on data gathered by Google Cloud's artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics utilities. Ford also envisions it will be able to modernize its supply chain management and training for its shop floor employees with the new tech infrastructure in place.