YouTube is always testing new features, some more controversial than others. The latest experiment revolves around sharing short, looping clips from longer videos. Creators and fans have been asking for a way to easily highlight memorable moments in long-form content, particularly when it comes to livestreams. With the new test, YouTube is working on bringing just that to the platform.

The clip creation workflow on Android.

The test is currently limited to content from a small selection of creators and Google's own video announcement of the feature. When you view a supported video, you'll see a new clip button among the usual strip of options for liking, disliking, and downloading. Tap or click the new entry, and you'll be able to cut out a 5 to 60 second clip from the video. When shared as a link, the looping clip will be opened in the YouTube app or on the YouTube website. From here, viewers can further share the clip, but they can also easily start watching the full video.

Watch this video on YouTube and look for the clip option below it.

Clip sharing is live on both Android and desktops. You can try it for yourself in the video embedded above, where you'll also find some more details on why and how YouTube created the feature. During the test, YouTube wants to tweak and fine-tune the experience before deploying clips more widely. The company will probably also have to look at monetization, as creators are often punished by the algorithm when viewers don't watch full videos.

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Price: Free