Though some units shipped early, formal availability for Samsung's new Galaxy S21 series starts today. That means "pre-order" is now "buy" at most retailers, and many of the early pre-order credit promotions are gone. However, trade-in values at Samsung's store remain pretty great, and you can still get $50-100 (or more) in store credit, plus a SmartTag.

During the pre-order period, folks could enjoy $100-200 in store credit depending on the model they get. That drops today to $50-100, though you can still get the free Galaxy SmartTag. And if you placed an earlier reservation at Samsung's storefront, you can snag an extra $50 in credit on top of that for $100-150 depending on the model. There's also an extra 5% off if you pick up an S21 or S21+ with a Samsung Money by SoFi account through the Samsung Store. Samsung also has financing options available if you prefer to pay over time.

Xbox owners can also get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate free if they buy a MOGA controller, though I don't imagine that will be a very popular offer given reviews for the controller.

A photo gallery of the journey from the Samsung factory to the company's storefronts.

With how good the trade-in values were this year for last year's S20, I honestly expected Samsung might nerf the numbers, but we're told they're sticking around for a limited time — don't dawdle too long if you were on the pre-order fence.

If you'd prefer to pick up a phone through a carrier, they're all still running their own promotions as well. T-Mobile has an offer that nets you a base S21 for free via 24 months of bill credits (or up to $800 off) for certain trade-in models, plus a buy-one-get-one promotion. Verizon has a similar $750-600 for trade-in depending on whether you're signing a new line or an upgrade, as well as a BOGO offer. AT&T is also doing up to $800 off on trade-ins via 30 months of bill credits.

Best Buy also has up to $800 off after activation and trade-in, plus a handful of other slightly different carrier options.

The "wait for reviews" penalty for the S21 series this year isn't too bad, so you've still got time to snag a decent deal picking one up.