ANC headphones can get pricey, but if you don't need the best of the best, there are some good bargains available. Case in point: the Razer Opus. Already fairly priced at their normal $200, you can cop a pair for $60 off right now at Amazon.

In my review, I found the Opus's sound quality and noise canceling weren't quite up to snuff versus industry leaders like Sony and Bose, but for the price, they got close enough. That's extra true at a discounted $140. Battery life is very strong, too, at 25 hours per charge with ANC on.

This price only applies to the blue colorway, but that's the cooler-looking one anyway. If you want black, those are a couple bucks more. Hit the link below to grab a pair.

After dropping to $150 in December, the Razer Opus are now down another $10 to $140.