Netflix is letting some Android users around the world in on a timer that will automatically close the app after some time. If you use stream shows or movies to help get you to sleep or put them on in the background to get things done, you may want to keep an eye out for this feature to get around.

The timer feature will appear at the top-right corner of the media control heads-up display while content is streaming. Users can set the app to continue running in 15-minute intervals for up to an hour or at the end of the current program.

A toast prompt will appear as the timer is set to expire with the option for users to "snooze" it — imagine snoozing a sleep timer — though we don't know if that only delays or completely cancels the app's closure.

Netflix has told The Verge that the feature is only available on adult profiles at the moment and may spread to all users on mobile as well as computers and TVs if feedback is encouraging and applications are relevant.

The ultimate goal, presumably, is to enable consumers to conserver power as they could do with older TV sets and home appliances like fans.