Samsung has been busy updating Good Lock with One UI support over the last week, and today that rollout reaches some of the more popular modules: MultiStar, Home Up, and ClockFace. Most of the old functionality has made a return, with some new additions too.

ClockFace received the biggest update of the day. All of the old clock styles are here, along with plenty of new ones that can be customized and tweaked. If the presets don't strike your fancy, then you can create your own: Choose the color, hand type, format, and add images and gifs.

All of the presets, along with your own creations, can be used on both the lockscreen and the always-on display.

Home Up returns with all of the same features it had for One UI 2.5. Being able to modify my sharesheet so that it only shows the apps I use is a great feature, and I'm pleased to see it return.

It's a shame there aren't any new features here, though. I'd love to be able to customize the icons on my home screen, or even changing the shape of the adaptive icons would be a nice option.

Finally, MultiStar has been refreshed. Most of the functionality from One UI 2.5 is here, but a couple of things didn't make the cut: You can't change the split-screen divider's color anymore, and you can't add a pop-up view shortcut to notifications.  That last one is a bummer, as I used it constantly.

There's a new menu called "The app size stretch to camera hole," which, aside from having a wacky name (even by Good Lock standards), seems a bit odd. It lets you control whether an app colors-in the status bar and wraps around the hole-punch, or ignores it altogether. For the latter, you'll get a blacked-out status bar when you open the app.

I can't see much use for this. Why would I want an app to ignore the status bar and have a black strip cutting off the top of my display? Really, I think this will only be useful when paired with ancient apps that haven't been updated with colored status bars; I don't imagine there are many of those still in use, though.

All in all, that makes for another solid set of updates to Good Lock today. These apps should be available to download now through the Galaxy Store, but if not APK Mirror has you covered: ClockFace, Home Up, MultiStar.