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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Q&A

Last week, we published our first Q&A of the New Year inviting you all to submit your questions about the Galaxy Buds Pro. Our Editor in Chief David Ruddock has been using them for a couple weeks now, and he's here to spill the beans:

Q: Is the spatial audio any good?

A: Not really. I found the effect was similar to being in large, empty auditorium, with a disorienting effect when I'd move my head around. It's safe to call this feature a gimmick.

Q: How do they sound with non-Samsung phones?

A: The Buds Pro support basic SBC and AAC encoding on all devices. There is no reason to believe the earbuds sound "better" on a Samsung phone, as these codecs support a wide range of bitrates.

Q: Did you give them to Artem yet to break?

A: He'll have to buy his own.

Q: Comparing it with the Buds+, how is it with phone calls?

A: I don't have the Buds+, but I've been very impressed with the call performance, both coming in and going out. Still, they're TWEs, and nothing gets around the physics of microphone placement.

Q: Do they produce the usual in ear suction feeling? Really hate that feeling.

A: I've never had an issue like this with sealing headphones, but given your description, I imagine the answer is yes.

Q: What are the Samsung exclusive features? Would they be a contender to replace Pixel Buds for Pixel owners?

A: Samsung exclusive features include seamless device switching, a low latency gaming mode, and virtual surround sound. The only one worth even wanting is the seamless switching, but it only works with Samsung's Android phones and tablets. I used them with a OnePlus 8T and missed none of these things.

Q: How do they hold in the ears compared to the AirPods Pro?

A: It's such a personal question. They feel very secure in my ears, I can say. And I had some other reviewers tell me they passed their workout tests, which usually bodes well.

Q: Do they work seamlessly with non-Samsung phones? (Meaning, are they automatically recognized and support advanced configuration without having to install multiple Samsung apps?)

A: I'd advise against not installing the app, at least initially so you can get any needed firmware updates installed. The app works fine on non-Samsung phones and while not crucial for pairing or using the Bud Pro, do contain some settings you may want to adjust from time to time.

Q: How is the call quality compared to the original Buds?

A: I couldn't tell you, but as I said in response to another question, I found the call quality quite good.

Q: Are there any in-ear stabilization options, like ear "fins," etc.?

A: No. Samsung includes 3 ear tip sets in the box, in 3 sizes.

Q: I have the Buds+. Is the Pro's sound worth the upgrade?

A: I haven't used the Buds+, so it's hard to say, but I've seen the Bud Pro audio compared to far pricier TWEs like those from Sennheiser and Bose. My guess is you'd find a substantial upgrade here.

Q: How is the latency for watching movies on a phone or a PC? The delay on my Pixel Buds is killing me.

A: Probably no better than the Pixel Buds, sadly. It's there and it's noticeable.

Q: What is the battery life of the buds on single charge?

A: I managed around 4 hours with ANC turned on. It's probably less if you really crank the volume up.

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