Pinterest may not be the hottest app in our tech bubble, but it looks like there's quite a big audience regularly returning to the network — about 442 million people every month, to be exact. These users will soon discover a familiar interface tweak that's currently popping up in apps left and right: A stories carousel on the home page. Pinterest calls its take on the original Snapchat feature Story Pins, and it's supposed to help Pinterest creators interact with their audience.

The Story Pins will live at the top of the Pinterest home page, and they look and work just like they do on any other platform: Creators can share short clips, images, or text, allowing followers to feel closer to their idols — if you want to call Pinterest influencers that. The biggest difference to other platforms is that Story Pins aren't ephemeral by default and will live on in creators' profiles, so you don't have to worry about that lockdown fitness routine or that lemon ricotta cake recipe disappearing before you have the chance to try it for yourself.

Story Pins themselves aren't actually brand-new. They've been around in parts of the app since September 2020. But by giving them a dedicated place on the home page, Pinterest does its part to make them more discoverable.

As we all know, Pinterest isn't the first company to copy the hit Snapchat format. Twitter only recently introduced its own "Fleets" variant, and stories are popping up in the most unlikely places, like in music streaming services, Google search, and chat apps.

You can download Pinterest from the Play Store or over at APK Mirror. Story Pins are starting to roll out to the app today.

Developer: Pinterest
Price: Free