One of the more interesting VR applications we've seen in recent years is Tilt Brush, an app that lets users create 3D art in a virtual environment. Unfortunately, Google has announced that it's ending internal development for the app. It will get another chance to succeed, however, as an open-source project.

Tilt Brush was first released for the HTC Vive VR back in April 2016, but it eventually made its way to other VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, and PlayStation VR.

Google doesn't give a reason for stopping development, but it does make an effort to explain how the community will be able to continue using and developing the app. For those interested, the Tilt Brush code is now available on Github, but you should know that some things have been changed or removed due to licensing restrictions. It is also worth noting that the app will continue to be available in digital stores for those who want to purchase it.

This isn't the first VR project that Google has given up on. Daydream VR, Expeditions, and Cardboard have all met a similar fate.