Google Docs has made it easy for several people to collaborate on the same document. Since it's integrated with other G Suite products, the online productivity solution also lets users mention their co-workers or reply to their comments, allowing them to collaborate seamlessly. However, your colleague may be out of the office when you need something from them, which is why Docs will now let you know they're probably not going to reply to your comment as fast as you might expect them to.

When mentioning or replying to someone who's marked their Google Calendar availability as out of office, Docs will automatically show a banner letting you know they're currently out, as well as the date they're expected to be back. If several people are out of office, a single banner will mention the people's names, and clicking it will show their availability and return date.

This is a neat feature, as you're immediately notified of someone's absence in case you're expecting a quick answer. The functionality is gradually rolling out to G Suite users and may take until the end of February to become globally available.