Since leaving OnePlus, founder Carl Pei has spent his time raising $7m for a secretive project, and today we finally learned the name of his new company: Nothing. It's a typically pretentious name for a brand we still know very little about. Previous rumors have pointed to audio products but the latest official word only refers to upcoming releases as "smart devices."

A website for the Nothing is now live, along with a teaser trailer, while Twitter and Instagram pages have also popped up. Pei tweeted earlier today that he "might announce nothing in the end" — see what he did there? Nothing will "remove barriers between people and technology to create a seamless digital future" with products that will "fade into the background and feel like nothing." Sounds like we can expect the sort of "ambient" computing devices company's like Google have already been touting, although we have no idea what exactly Nothing plans to release. Here's hoping it's not just another pair of true wireless headphones.

Nothing has backing from some big names in the tech industry, such as Tony Fadell and Kevin Lin. Another investor, Casey Neistat says the company will be at the forefront of consumer tech when it launches its first product. We can expect that in the first half of this year, whatever it may be. HTC fans will be happy to see Nothing has ripped off the nostalgia-inducing Dot Case for its logo, below.

So far, the marketing materials and company ethos seem to be pulled right out of the OnePlus playbook, as expected — now we wait to see if Nothing can live up to the hype.