When OnePlus rolled out an Android 11-based beta to the OnePlus 7 and 7T last week, it also included a new version of its Camera app, v6.4.23. While there aren't any significant user-facing changes in it just yet, XDA Developers managed to dig into the code and found a few strings and assets that point to new features for upcoming handsets — possibly the OnePlus 9 that looks to be scheduled for March.

<string name="capture_mode_tiltshift">Tilt-shift</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_1">1. Select location</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_1_detail">Tap the screen to change the location of the blurred area.</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_2">2. Adjust the scope</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_2_detail">Adjust the blurred area with two fingers.</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_3">3. Adjust the angles</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_3_detail">Change the angles with double finger rotation.</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_4">4. Adjust intensity</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_4_detail">Tap the button to adjust the intensity of the blurred area.</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_end">Try it Out</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_guide_start">Steps to take perfect photos:</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_overview">Tilt-shift mode can transform the world into a miniature version. Buildings and people will resemble tiny models in the shifting lens, displaying the visuals of an \"artificial city\" in photos. Here are some samples!</string>
<string name="tiltshift_introduction_title">About Tilt-shift mode</string>

The OnePlus 9 could be among the first smartphones to feature tilt-shift photography, a technique where you normally change the physical position of the lens in relation to the image sensor in order to create fake miniature photos and other perspective shifts. Judging from the strings, OnePlus is emulating the look of tilt-shifted photos by letting you apply focus selectively. An XDA Forum member even managed to activate the introductory screens showcasing what tilt-shift will look like in the OnePlus camera.


There are two more features aimed at emulating high-end photography equipment: Focus peaking and Hyperlapse. If implemented like in DSLR cameras, focus peaking will highlight in-focus planes in your viewfinder to help with composition. Hyperlapse is similar to regular time-lapse videos, but it introduces movement to the mix.

<string name="hyperlapse">Hyperlapse</string>
<string name="user_assistive_put_subject_inside_frame">Please put the subject in the frame</string>
<string name="content_description_peeking_focus">Focus Peaking</string>

There are also strings pointing to new night-related capabilities: Starburst and Moon Mode. Starburst is supposed to amplify the star-shaped radiation effect you get when you point your camera at a bright light source in the dark. XDA speculates that the dedicated camera mode will likely automatically pick an aperture that amplifies the effect while still maintaining image sharpness. Moon Mode is basically a collection of filters created for moon photography, possibly letting you adjust the color of the moon on the fly.

<string name="starburst_hint_close">Starburst is off</string>
<string name="starburst_hint_open">Starburst is recommended while shooting with a light source</string>
<string name="night_mode_hint_starburst_effect">Starburst Effect</string>
<string name="settings_moon">About \"Moon Natural Colour Solution\"</string>
<string name="filter_black_white_moon">B&amp;W</string>
<string name="filter_moon_black_white_new">OBW 2</string>
<string name="filter_moon_mono">OBW 1</string>
<string name="filter_moon_snapseed">OBW 3</string>
<string name="filter_pop_moon">Vivid</string>
<string name="filter_soft_moon">Matte</string>

The features are not live just yet, and it's not clear if all or any will even make the cut at this point — it's just work in progress. If you're still interested in checking out the latest version of the OnePlus Camera for yourself nevertheless, you can download it from APK Mirror. Just bear in mind that this release might only work with the OxygenOS 11 beta on the OnePlus 7/7T for now.