Xiaomi's Mi Bands have always been among the most affordable options when it comes to activity tracking, offering quite some bang for the buck. It looks like the prospective next entry to the line, the Mi Band 6, will continue that trend. Renounced Mi Band and Huami leaker Magical Unicorn reports on their new website that we can expect some interface overhauls, more trackable activities, and maybe even SpO2 and on-board GPS.

Magical Unicorn got their hands on the firmware for a device codenamed "Pangu." They spotted it while examining some code in the Zepp app (formerly Amazfit), the other brand Huami licenses its products to. In it, strings reveal that Pangu does indeed appear to be the Mi Band 6. As always, there will probably be at least two versions: an NFC-less model for international markets and an NFC-equipped variant for China.

The firmware in the Zepp app has a few assets that point to design updates for the Mi Band 6 UI. There are new default watchfaces, new animations, and — finally — native emoji support for notifications. There are also new menu entries for SpO2 tracking and Amazon Alexa, suggesting that we'll see these two features on the Mi Band 6.

The Zepp app code reveals 19 new activities in addition to the 11 activities already available on the Mi Band 5, and some of them are incredibly specific: Indoor fitness, indoor ice skating, HIIT, core training, stretching, stepper, gymnastics, Pilates, street dance, dance, Zumba, cricket, bowling, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, boxing, and kickboxing.

Regarding GPS, there are a few strings that hint at an integrated antenna, most prominently one that asks you to use your phone for assisted GPS: "Couldn't position the GPS, open the app to update the AGPS to speed up the positioning." It's possible that there are some translation issues, though, so it's not 100% certain that the Band will indeed get on-board GPS.

Open Mi Fit and turn on GPS on your phone
GPS is available
GPS signal is weak
Lost GPS signal
Couldn't position the GPS, please try again in an open space.
Couldn't position the GPS, open the app to update the AGPS to speed up the positioning.
GPS signal recovery
Couldn't position the GPS, it will be repositioned.
GPS is turned off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.
The app needs to be opened and GPS location permissions must be granted in order to use this workout.

Other than that, the firmware reveals that you might be able to set alarms right on the band itself — you could only do that via the app previously. The band could also finally connect to Mi Home, which could allow you to control a few smart home devices right from your wrist. There are additional hints that point to a Pomodoro timer, and sleep data might be directly available on the band.

The Mi Band 6 is shaping up to be a significant update for the series if these leaks turn out to be accurate. Traditionally, Xiaomi releases new Mi Bands in the middle of the year around June, so we'll likely have to wait until then until we can confirm all of the details. On-board GPS would certainly be game-changing at the price, provided Xiaomi can keep it below $50 like its predecessors.