Samsung has been busy updating GoodLock modules recently, and today two more have received the 2021 redesign. SoundAssistant gains some brand new features and LockStar finally works with One UI 3.

Once you've updated SoundAssistant, there are two new features to make use of. The first is "Media manner mode," which mutes media sounds when your phone is on vibrate or mute. This would definitely be useful for users who need to make sure their phones stay silent during meetings or at school. Trust me; you don't want your pocket to start blaring Taylor Swift in the middle of class.

Left: Manner mode and Metronome, Right: Metronome menu 

Metronome is one of those features that makes you wonder why nobody has thought of it before. Bluetooth audio, especially on cheaper devices, usually suffers from poor latency. This is especially apparent when watching people speak because the lip movement won't match what you hear. Metronome lets you manually sync the sound with your earbuds.

When you open the menu, the metronome will start, and the phone will read out a different number as the arrow passes over one of the red lines. If you hear the number read out before or after the arrow covers it, drag the slider left or right until it's in sync.

Left: Theme selector Right, Themed volume panel 

Last year, SoundAssistant gained the ability to theme the volume panel. As well as recolor the volume sliders, it also made everything more compact. Usually, expanding the full panel will take up most of the screen. With this theme enabled, it tucks everything into the side for better one-handed use.

When One UI 3 first arrived, theming wasn't compatible. Now it's back and has had a minor redesign to match One UI 3's general aesthetic. You can also move the volume UI to the left side of the screen, which is helpful if you're left-handed. The changelog also mentions custom vibration patterns as a new addition, but that's only available in One UI 3.1, so I can't test that until I get my S21 later this week.

Finally, LockStar is available for One UI 3. It allows you to fully modify your lockscreen, moving and changing every UI element. There are very few changes here other than the new icon. You can now edit the layout for the landscape lockscreen, though, and lockscreen shortcuts can now be placed vertically and horizontally.

It's good to see more modules receive their 2021 redesign, especially when it includes useful new features. Although my Galaxy Buds+ don't have audio latency issues, many other bluetooth devices do, so being able to synchronize the audio-visual experience manually will go a long way to remedy that.

These updates should be available from the Galaxy Store, but we also have them on APK Mirror: SoundAssistant, LockStar.