Back in November, Google Assistant gained integration with third-party fitness trackers to natively inform you about your activity. Even though the feature was limited to sleep data and exclusive to Fitbit devices, Google is expanding it to smart displays, which can now proactively show this information.

In the app's Wellness section, there is now a new option to enable "Proactive health & fitness results" on your smart displays, which essentially means your devices will show wellness data when idle, allowing you — and potentially other household members — to check it out at a glance.

Even though the feature appears to be compatible with Nest Hubs, Nest Hub Maxes, and Lenovo Smart Clocks, we weren't able to get them to show our fitness data, even after enabling the option in the Assistant Settings. In addition to sleep tracking, we're hoping Google will soon support other fitness data, as well as other providers. This new functionality could also be a way for Google to use data from its new "Interactive Device's" Soli sensor, which may be able to track your sleep without the need for another device.