I've worked at Android Police for over a decade now, and I'm proud of the team we've built here during those years (including members both current and former). AP has taken great care of me, and it's a place I look forward to working every day. Once again, we're looking to grow that team, and are hiring for a number of roles. I'll let the listings do the rest of the talking.

All applications for positions at Android Police need to be accompanied by a resume and writing sample (at least 300 words). Applications that fail to include these items will be ignored.

News writer (full time, US / Canada only)

Are you an experienced blogger with a knack for cutting through the fat and extracting the beating heart of a story in a flash? (Sorry, that was a little graphic.) AP is looking for a full-time news writer to put on our staff five days a week who we can trust to be pedal to the metal on the latest happenings 9 to 5 (I'm kidding, you need to be up earlier than that), Monday through Friday.

You'd be responsible for writing, researching, and gathering the news every day. You'd get a chance to work with one of the best teams in the biz on breaking stories, keeping our coverage relevant and up to date, and tracking down leads.

Pay will depend on experience, and pay model (per post, hourly, retainer, or salary) is negotiable. You need to demonstrate impeccable English, an ability to work at a fast pace, and a strong self-starter attitude. Only applicants from the US and Canada will be considered. Applicants with previous experience blogging, especially in WordPress, are strongly preferred.


We're always looking for fresh faces to contribute content on a more occasional basis at AP. Be it an insightful piece of data-driven analysis, a thoughtful design critique, informative how-to, review, or topical roundup or list, there are a lot of opportunities to help out. We love freelancers who can come to us with concise, powerful, relevant pitches, and you'll find an editorial staff eager and ready to get your work published.

Pay depends on experience and is per post. We generally prefer applicants from North America, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. However, applicants from all regions will be considered.

Freelance applicants must submit a portfolio of recently (<1 year old) published work.

How to apply

Please submit a resume and writing sample (at least 300 words) to [email protected]. Please make sure your initial email includes a brief description of you, the position you are applying for, your relevant experience, and why you believe Android Police is a workplace you'd thrive in.


Q: Why is a job only available to applicants in certain regions or countries?

A: When deciding who we want to hire, time zone is often a major consideration, especially for positions revolving around the news cycle or for staff who will work primarily with our US team.

Q: I live in a non-US region, but can work on US hours. Can I apply for a job with those restrictions?

A: Generally, no. We find this arrangement rarely works.