Samsung dominates the Android market, especially here in the US. That means quite a few of our readers are likely taking the recent Galaxy S21 series launch as an opportunity to upgrade — especially with how good carrier and trade-in promotions are. So, did you order one, or are you passing on Samsung's latest?

Our review for the S21 Ultra will land soon (keep an eye out for it), but most reviews have been positive. On paper, Samsung seems to have hit a better value than it did with last year's S20 series. Prices are down, which is a good thing this year, and specs are still high-end. Admittedly, Samsung has cut a few corners, removing features like MST for contactless payments here in the US, reducing display resolution on the smaller phones, cutting expandable storage, and there's no bundled charger anymore. These are hardly deal-breakers for most folks, but enthusiasts could be upset.

If you plan on getting one, keep in mind that the $100-200 Samsung store credit and SmartTag pre-order bonus is only good until January 28th. That can snag you a pair of the new Galaxy Buds Pro if you're willing to pay tax, and they're pretty good headphones.

Samsung didn't sell too many Galaxy S20 phones in the US last year, but I suspect the lower starting prices for this year's models may help. As an initial glimpse into those potential metrics, let's take a look at our readership. Did you pre-order an S21?

Did you order a Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra?

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