About a month ago, Google published highly realistic 3D models of 250+ cars that could be viewed with an Android phone in the Search app. Today, Google has added models from Porsche, Volvo, and FCA (well, it's Stellantis now) to the mix, making it even easier to daydream.

The models that Google is showing you here are quite impressive-looking, each weighing in at over 3GB. You're able to view so many of them on your phone because they're being cloud-streamed. The resolutions aren't perfect, but you can indeed see how detailed the models are when you zoom in, with realistic-looking shadows and lighting as well. You can even choose from a number of factory paint colors and backgrounds. If you've previously been underwhelmed by similar "View in 3D" pop-ups in the Search app, bear in mind those were likely lower-quality models. (They can be distinguished by the lack of selectable backgrounds and darkened/unrefined interior models, among other things.)

If you like cars or are simply in the market for a particular model, these 3D models are worth checking out. Bear in mind that not all models are supported, for instance, Porsche models include the 911, Panamera, Macan, and Cayenne Coupe, but not the 718 Cayman or Boxster. Also, I was only able to view the Cayenne Coupe when searching for a Cayenne, as there was no option for the SUV variant. If you only see one of the standard, less detailed models show up, it's worth refreshing the search; I was greeted with a basic Macan model the first time I checked for some reason. These high-res models will only work on Android phones in the US of A.