Samsung usually releases two Tab S slabs in a year and we're inching toward what would historically be the time for a "Lite" release. While we don't have any spec points to discuss at the moment, it's been figured that a mid-range tablet or even two are on their way, including the first in the category to connect to 5G.

SamMobile is hearing from sources that the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite or Tab S8e will adopt model numbers of SM-T730, -T735, -T736B, and T736N — the different suffices signal connectivity from Wi-Fi, LTE, and 5G (presumably one model supports millimeter wave while the other doesn't, sticking with sub-6GHz) in that respective order. The Galaxy Tab S7 was the company's first tablet available globally to feature 5G connectivity.

Going by those model numbers, this product line would be more of a spiritual successor to the Galaxy Tab S5e as it occupied the SM-T720 and -T725 slots, but nothing's assured here — the Galaxy S6 Lite had model names SM-P610 and -P615.

The publication is also hearing that a "Plus" or "XL" version of this upcoming tablet range could be set for release as well. Other than the screen, we don't have an idea as to what else could be scaled up in size.