Mint Mobile is a popular MVNO carrier that offers discounts if you pay for multiple months at once. The company was purchased by Ryan Reynolds a little over a year ago (who is best known for playing Deadpool), and now Reynolds has released a video explaining the carrier's new pricing changes.

Mint Mobile is increasing the data allotments across its non-unlimited plans — the 3GB plan will increase to 4GB, the 8GB plan will offer 10GB, and the 12GB plan will become 15GB. Pricing will remain the same, with the plans costing $15/mo, $20/mo, and $25/mo, respectively, when you pay for 12 months at once. Renewal options for three and six months are also available, at higher prices.

Mint Mobile's Twitter account says the changes will take effect for new and existing customers on payment cycles starting January 28th. That's definitely a nice change of pace from the typical carrier promotions, which often require new lines of service or entirely-new customers.