The 8T might not be the best phone OnePlus has ever built, but it's certainly still a good one: after spending a pretty long time with the phone, Ryne was smitten with its battery life, performance, and screen (and coming from our resident display snob, that's saying something). It's not hard to justify its $749 price tag, but with these discounts, you can grab two for just $462 apiece — that's a total of $575 off MSRP.

Now, it's not all roses. You won't get an IP water- and dust-resistance rating, there's no wireless charging, and the cameras aren't great in low light. Still, if you and someone you know are each looking for a solid performer in the $500 neighborhood, this is a great opportunity.

To get this price, you'll need to head to OnePlus's site and add two OnePlus 8Ts to your cart — that'll take half off the cost of the second phone. Then enter code newyear100 to get an additional $100 off each.