Weezer recently published the music video for "All My Favorite Songs" from its upcoming "OK Human" album, and you don't need to be in marketing to notice the frequent and quite prominent Pixel 5 product placement in the video. In fact, the Pixel 5 is on screen nearly one-quarter of the time in the video. For most of us, the almost four-minute Pixel ad set to music will constitute the majority (if not all) of the Pixels we see in the wild this year.

The final count varies slightly depending on whether you count the transformed Pixel 5 doorway/portal as time spent on-screen or not — that happens twice, and we didn't — but you'll notice that a Pixel 5 is visible for about 53 seconds during the three minute and forty-four second video. That's a Pixel on screen nearly a quarter of the time.

Especially choice product placement segments include Rivers Cuomo asking the Google Assistant to record a video, almost every member of the band distractedly holding a Pixel 5 as they play, and our two youths chasing down an older man to steal his dropped phone, which then transforms into a curtained portal to Weezer's recording studio, as Pixels are prone to.

The ultimate narrative even seems to be that we're all glued to our phones (all Pixel 5s in this case), which is shockingly a bad thing. If our music video main character's angst at everyone around him being glued to a screen didn't make that clear, maybe the "OK Human" album title did, or Weezer's admission it bent over backwards to avoid using "dark tech-takeover"  modern technologies while recording it. Ultimately, this is all probably not the association Google really wants with its products, but I doubt the Pixel marketing department was paying much attention.

It's a pretty good song, though, from what looks set to be a pretty good album. And when you're done with the video, you'll have reached your recommended intake of Pixel product placement. At least, until the next Avengers movie.