Over the past few years, Samsung Internet has grown into some legitimate competition for the likes of Chrome. It has more customization options than most browsers, receives regular updates, and most importantly, it's fast. Today Samsung's detailing what to expect in version 13.2, promising a better dark mode, fixed AR Core features, and enhanced privacy.

We've all stumbled across a malicious sites trying to convince us our phone has a virus and that some software being advertised is the only thing that can fix it. (I'll always remember the time a website tried to convince me that my battery had contracted a virus.) While many users know that these are traps and that you should go back to where you came from as quickly as possible, sadly some do fall victim to these schemes, which is why Samsung Internet now has built-in protection. If the browser recognizes you've stumbled across one of these pages, it will show a warning and take you back to safety.

Next up is a feature that Chrome has had for a while. When you copy a link to your clipboard, tapping the address bar shows an option that takes you right to that link. If you find yourself constantly copying links, having the browser do all the work could help save precious time.

Samsung Internet is about to become integrated with our phones' main settings. With 13.2, you can use the search bar in the settings app to find what you need in the browser's many menus, saving you from navigating there yourself. Samsung says that this will only work with devices running Android 9 and above, but it's unclear if that will include non-Samsung devices or not — we'll soon find out.

A recent AR Core update broke integration with Samsung Internet, but this functionality has now been fixed. Now you can look at floofy animals to your heart's content.

Finally, improved dark mode support for web content is included in the latest update. In a companion Medium post, the developer highlights the problems with getting this to work; most websites will take a long time to include support for dark mode, and others never will.

To help mitigate this issue, Google added a "force dark mode" option to Android Web View, and now Samsung Internet can make use of this too, and will even let the feature coincide with websites that support it natively. If the page works with dark mode and has its own dark theme, the browser will honor it. If the page does not, then the app will auto-generate one for you. Check out the source link below for more details on how this magic works.

Samsung Internet 13.2 beta is rolling out now through the Google Play Store, and as always, we have you covered at APK Mirror as well.

Stable release

Following the beta release in December, Samsung is now rolling out a stable version of Samsung Internet Browser 13.2 on the Play Store. If it hasn't already appeared on your device, we have the APK on APKMirror.