Theme Park has been a stand-out Good Lock module since it arrived last year, allowing users to create their own themes for One UI. However, the need to select colors by way of an existing wallpaper has always been a sticking point, as was the lack of finer control of what gets themed and what doesn't. As Samsung continues its 2021 revamp of Good Lock, those two issues are finally being rectified, and we're even getting some new features alongside them, too.

If you want to sync your new theme with the colors in a wallpaper, you still can — pressing the "create new" button while in the theme tab will take you through the same process we're used to. If you swipe over to the new quick panel tab before pressing the button, you'll be taken straight into the new theme maker, no image needed.

Once inside the editor, there are far more options to choose from. Look closely, and you'll see a small blue dot over each UI element, with a dotted circle next to it. Tapping that circle will open the editor for the element the dot covers. This is quite convoluted, but at least it works. You can change the background color for the notification area, the text, quick settings toggles, and even the level of blur.

On the color bar at the bottom, you'll notice the leftmost option is sectioned off — this is where you choose the main accent color for your system. With this chosen, Theme Park will auto-generate colors for everything else that it thinks will match; from there, you can change all of the elements until you're happy. Tapping the sun toggle at the top will load the theme's dark mode, allowing you to edit that, too.

Hex Installer is still far more capable than Theme Park, but for those of us who only want to change the system colors, this new feature set should be more than enough to keep us satisfied.

Wonderland, one of the newer Good Lock modules, has also been updated to match the 2021 aesthetic. In addition to a fresh app icon, Samsung has added some new particle effects, and you can now choose ones for each layer. Otherwise, it's largely the same as before.

Good Lock is getting better and better, and the new features in Theme Park are especially welcome. These updates should hit your device via the Galaxy Store any time now, but if you don't want to wait, you can grab them from APK Mirror here: Theme Park, Wonderland.