When we discovered that many of Good Lock's modules wouldn't be compatible with One UI 3 until this year, it was interesting to see that NavStar was the one of the most discussed modules in our comments section — many of our readers even said they wouldn't update their phones until the module was working. That time has come: last night, Samsung kicked off the year's first Good Lock updates, and our beloved NavStar has gotten more than a simple icon change. There are some exciting new features to be found here, too.

Left: New swipe gesture settings, Right: Gesture handle color picker

All of the old options for modifying the three-button navigation bar are here and fully working with no new additions. Cast your eyes to the bottom, though, and there's a whole new tab for swipe gestures.

This new page contains a plethora of customization options for Android's gesture navigation. If you want to change the look of your navigation experience, there are plenty of colors to choose from to liven things up. You can also adjust the gesture bar's width, shrinking it down to the approximate size of Android's standard home button or extending it to resemble its iOS cousin.

Left: Transparency off, Right: Transparency on 

The final addition is perhaps the most welcome. At the very top, there is a "transparent hint" toggle. When you switch this on, the solid background behind the gesture bar is removed, allowing your content to fill the entire screen, with the gesture bar sitting on top. This is reminiscent of what Apple has done with the gestures found on iOS.

A word of caution, though: things aren't as smooth as I'd like once this is enabled. On my device, gesture navigation has locked up a few times since enabling the setting, and when it is working, I have to be far more accurate with your swipes. For the best experience, I suggest beginning your swipe off-screen, from the bottom bezel. Once I forced that motion into muscle memory, things have worked fine sans a couple of lockups. Hopefully this will be quickly patched in the coming weeks.

I've often said that Good Lock has all of the best features of custom ROMs with far less work required to use them. These new features only reinforce that statement. NavStar 2021 should be available to you now through the Galaxy Store, but if it isn't out in your region, APK Mirror is always here to help.