When a new version of One UI is released, it often breaks compatibility with certain Good Lock modules until they themselves can be updated. Last year Samsung refreshed (almost) all of the Good Lock modules at once in what it called the "2020" update, and the company was set to do the same thing next month. Today, several weeks ahead of schedule, Samsung has started to distribute Good Lock 2021, bringing all-new features and restoring some old ones.

Left: Good Lock 2020, Right: Good Lock 2021

We're kicking off the release with the Good Lock app itself, the hub from which you download the different modules and access their settings. The main screen has gotten a design overhaul, but no new features are present here. The icon for each app animates as you scroll by, and overall, everything is more colorful and vibrant. Personally, I prefer the 2020 version in this case, as the more compact list design was slightly more functional.

Left: A new icon for Nice Catch, Right: Gesture angles in One Hand Operation+

Along with the main app, several modules have also received their own 2021 updates. Nice Catch has gotten a brand new icon to match the new aesthetic, while One Hand Operation+ has gained some new tricks. One Hand lets you assign different actions to swipes from the side of the display, and the action performed changes based on the angle of the swipe. In this latest update, you can edit the angle range for each gesture, allowing you to fine-tune your experience. These settings can be adjusted separately for each side, as well.

Other modules have also been updated over the last few days, but their changes have been substantial enough to cover separately. You can see our coverage of those updates here:

These new apps should be available to you now through the Galaxy Store, but if not, we have you covered at APK Mirror as always. Those APKs are available here: Good Lock, One Hand Operation+, Nice Catch, NavStar, Theme Park, Wonderland, LockStar, SoundAssistant.