When you run as many services with as many features as Google, bugs tend to pop up from time to time. The latest major bug concerns Google Search's custom date ranges, which are causing tabs to freeze when used. Google is working on fixing this and has presented a workaround for the time being.

The bug was first reported on the Google Search Help forums around three days ago, and it has since garnered 368 upvotes from users experiencing the same issue. Basically, people are finding their browser tabs freezing when using the custom date range function found within the Tools dropdown. The bug was leaving many unable to search for results only from a certain time range, but Google has now provided a workaround.

As suggested by Danny Sullivan, Google's public Search Liaison, commands can be used as a substitute while this bug is being fixed. They're pretty simple to use, and Sullivan gives a couple more tips in the Twitter thread above. We'll be sure to let you know when we learn more about the bug fix.

About half an hour after this post went up, the issue was fixed per the Google Search Liaison Twitter account. That was quick.