Samsung announced its newest pair of wireless earbuds last week. They're sounding pretty solid so far, but it looks like the company is already pushing out an update for the buds with new features and tweaks in tow, making the Galaxy Buds Pro an even more attractive option for potential buyers.

The OTA update adds a "hearing enhancements feature" that allows users to adjust the balance of the sound between the left and right earbuds. This should prove helpful for people affected by hearing impairments that render the buds default sound balance unideal.

The update also includes improvements to the Bixby experience that should allow it to respond faster when being summoned via voice. And of course, there are the usual system stability issues addressed that make this update more reliable than the software currently running on the Buds Pro. The new software update available for the Galaxy Buds Pro is version number R190XXU0AUA1 and comes in at 2.2MB, which should make it quick to download and install.

Our review of the new Galaxy Buds Pro is coming soon, but until then, you can reach out with any questions you have about the buds over here. And if you're interested in buying a pair for yourself, you can trade in any old pair of wired or wireless headphones you have lying around and instantly save $30 off a Galaxy Buds Pro purchase at Samsung will increase the savings to $50 if it's a pair of Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds+ you're swapping, but either way, it's a solid deal.