Samsung's original Galaxy Buds are a bit old at this point, as they were released almost two years ago, but they're still some of the best overall earbuds to use with Android devices (especially Galaxy phones). They were available refurbished for only $80 two months ago, but now you can get them new for just $49.99 from Walmart — $81 below the original price.

The original Galaxy Buds are true wireless earbuds with up to six hours of battery life, wireless charging support, well-rounded audio, and a decent design. Many true wireless earbuds now offer higher battery life, like 11 hours on the Galaxy Buds+, but six hours is still nothing to sneeze at.

You can order the earbuds from Walmart at the link below — only the white color seems to still be in stock. If you're on the fence, check out our original review of the Galaxy Buds.

Sorry folks, the earbuds are already sold out.