If you've ever tried to find the perfect movie or show to watch with your special someone at night, you know that it's sometimes more of a challenge than it should be — often you just end up scrolling through each other's watchlists and then settle for cable TV due to the lack of a decision. That's where somebody's genius idea comes in: What if there was an app for you and your partner where you swipe left and right on movies that are on your streaming services and when you match, it lets you know. It looks like a few people liked the idea so much they created a service just like that — their own takes on Tinder for movies and TV shows. The best of the bunch is Reelgood's Swipe With Friends.

Reelgood Swipe With Friends

You may have heard of Reelgood already, the platform that lets you browse and search all of your streaming services in one place. The company recently launched Swipe With Friends, a tool that promises to be "Tinder for movies." You can get started by visiting the dedicated website — you don't even need to sign up for the service or install another app.

On the website, you can share a personalized link with your special someone or friends, and then select your services from a list consisting of virtually all the platforms available in the US and the UK. To help you refine the initial selection, you can choose the content type (movies and/or TV shows), sort by popularity/IMDB score, select your preferred release year range, and more. Reelgood also touts that its recommendation algorithm figures out what you like and helps you find relevant titles faster.

  • ONLY YOUR SERVICES: Reelgood’s filters cover 150+ streaming services in the US & UK, so you’ll only match with movies & shows you can stream.
  • EASY & FAST: No app to download, no account needed. Just share a url and you can be swiping with friends in seconds.
  • GOOD SUGGESTIONS: Reelgood’s recommendations system combined with filters for IMDb score, genre, release year, and more will get you relevant titles to swipe thru, not just a random assortment.

Other services

There are more alternatives, but in my testing, I haven't found them to be comparable to Reelgood. Couchers is great if you don't live in the US or UK (it additionally supports Canadian, German, and Indian streaming catalogs), but it doesn't compare to Reelgood when it comes to customizability. It requires signing up with your email and name, only Netflix and Amazon Prime are supported, the matching doesn't seem to work properly all the time, and sometimes the service loads the wrong posters, which has led to more than one wrong swipe for me.


Left: Coucher. Middle: dinggo. Right: Movie Sync.

There's also Movie Sync, dinggo, Flash Match, and Movit, but these services also don't feel as complete as Reelgood's. There's a smaller selection of streaming services, fewer filters, and less pleasant UIs, even though these alternatives offer native Android apps.

If you and your special someone are struggling to find the perfect movie or show the traditional way, Reelgood and the other swiping apps should make the process easier — there's no real excuse to dismiss a suggestion that you both liked and matched for.

And while we're at Tinder clones that repurpose the dating app's UX: How about adding a "What are you hungry for right now?" option to Reelgood with food types and local delivery services to supplement your movie night? Turns out there's already another app for that.