Whether you just preordered a brand new Galaxy S21 or you're rocking a handset from the last decade, every phone can benefit from having a fresh new wallpaper. To make sure you have a steady supply, we're giving away wallpapers in the Android Police Newsletter every Sunday that you can download and use at your leisure. Did we mention they're completely free?

When we started this journey, the original plan was to offer a free wallpaper to our Android Police Newsletter subscribers every Sunday through the end of 2020, but as we rolled over into the New Year, we discovered that we had plenty more images to share with you all. To offload the rest of these photos, we've extended our Wallpaper of the Week event indefinitely.

A Wallpaper of the Week from 2020

You'll find the latest wallpapers in the Sunday edition of the Android Police Newsletter. That means you have to subscribe to the newsletter here to download them. Don't worry, just like our wallpapers, the newsletter is 100% free. So get to subscribing, and keep an eye out for the next wallpaper to land in our newsletter this weekend. Enjoy!