Display bezels, be it on smartphones, laptops, or televisions, have drastically reduced in the last few years. But a key problem with reducing bezels, especially in the case of smartphones and laptops, is figuring out where or how to place the front-facing camera. The most novel way to do so is by placing it under the display, and Samsung has showcased just this in its latest teaser.

Samsung Display posted a video on Weibo which shows its under-display camera tech being used on a laptop with an OLED display. Not much is known about the camera (or even the laptop) but what can certainly be said is that the tech definitely does its job in increasing the screen-to-body ratio.

Samsung mentions "Blade Bezel" in the video, but it's unclear whether that label is attributable to the laptop or the display. Either way, the OLED display shown in the video is just 1mm thick (or should I say thin) and weighs 130 grams (~4.6oz).

Until now, the word was that the Galaxy Z Fold3 would include an under-display camera. But in all probability, Samsung may choose to debut this tech on a laptop first. Computer cameras aren't subject to the same high standards as smartphone front-facing cams, both in terms of resolution and quality, so that might give Samsung some leeway to test and improve the technology before it adds it to its Galaxy line-up.