TP-Link has introduced plenty of smart home devices under its Kasa brand, including the excellent Smart Power Strip and Smart Light Strip that we reviewed. The Chinese manufacturer is now taking to CES 2021 to introduce a bunch of new products, one of which is a previously-canceled doorbell that looks pretty similar to the Nest Hello.

The Kasa Smart Doorbell (KD110) offers 1080p video that can either be saved to a microSD card (up to 128GB) or in the cloud for 30 days if you subscribe to the Kasa Care Plan. There's also support for IR Night Vision. Justifying the smart in the name is its ability to detect people as well as its compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa. The doorbell is IP64 rated, which means it should fare well against the elements. From the looks of it, the KD110 seems to be pretty similar to the KD100 doorbell that TP-Link announced at CES 2019 but never sold commercially.

It comes with an indoor chime. Image: TP-Link

Also new is the Kasa Cam Outdoor (KC420WS) that offers 2K HD video and full-color night vision with the help of an integrated spotlight. Similar to the doorbell, it's compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa and can store videos on either a microSD card or in the cloud. It's slightly more water-resistant with an IP65 certification.

Kasa Outdoor Cam Image: TP-Link

And that's not all — the Kasa Spot Pan Tilt gets an updated model that can also shoot in 2K, there are two new light dimmers, and finally an IP64-rated Smart Outdoor plug. Pricing for these new products hasn't been revealed, but TP-Link promises they will be "competitive." The devices will be made available over the course of 2021. As well as these new smart home products, TP-Link also announced its first Wi-Fi 6E routers.