No Samsung launch would be complete without a slew of last-minute leaks, and tomorrow's Unpacked event isn't any different. Right ahead of the Galaxy S21’s unveiling, a couple of leaks have surfaced that show off two of its wireless charging accessories set to go official alongside the new flagship phones.

First up is the Wireless Charger Duo 2, which can charge two of your devices at once, as its name gives away. It’s got an indentation for the Galaxy Watch right beside the space where you’d put your phone. The Qi charger lays flat, looking very similar to the recent Wireless Charger Pad Trio, and can't hold the phone upright like its predecessor. However, this slender design could have an added benefit in the form of easier portability. It looks like Samsung may end up calling it the Wireless Charger Pad Duo EP-P4300 and not Duo 2, considering this clearly isn't its second dual-pad wireless charger.

Samsung will also introduce a standalone wireless charger for your phone called the Wireless Charger EP-P1300 (shown above), which may share the same color options as the Duo (just black and white). Both of these chargers are rumored to juice up a phone at 9W, while the Duo's watch pad is rated at 3.5W. Given the markings on these chargers, you can also expect support for Samsung's UWB tags and/or Galaxy Buds Pro.

We don't know right now what the two chargers are going to cost, though it’s safe to assume that the new Duo will be priced higher than the Pad. For reference, the Pad Trio launched at $90, so you can expect these new products to be priced below that.